Extra Money for Less Headaches

We understand that business owners are always on the lookout to save money wherever they can. Copier leases can be confusing and expensive, and we have heard countless stories of people just buying the cheapest option available. At Copier Cleveland we do not recommend doing this. We want to help you understand that spending a little extra money can save you a lot headaches down the road.

A huge mistake that we see is people who skip the leasing company all together and buy a cheap printer from an office supply store. They think that buying a cheap machine and buying toner direct will save them money. However, these cheap machines will break down and cost you money. This will also be too small to truly handle any level of high capacity and will need to have their paper changed all the time.

Buying from office supply stores also give you no maintenance contracts and don’t give you anyone on your side to help you out. Putting money down on a lease every month ensures that you will continue to have good service down the line. You will also be able to negotiate better deals on things like paper and toner. The peace of mind you get buy spending a bit more money is worth every cent you spend.

If you buy smart and work with a good leasing company like Copier Cleveland, then your money will be spend wisely. We maintain that we can get you more for your money than the other guys. We will help you make sure that your money is being invested well to give you the best machine, with the greatest peace of mind, for the least money possible.