Xerox WorkCentre 7800 Series

When you run a business you want to make sure you know what is going on with your each part that keeps it moving. Sometimes it can be hard to have your hands in each part of your business and really keep an eye on everything. That’s why the experts at Xerox are thinking of more ways to help you keep your business moving in the right direction.

The Xerox WorkCentre 7800 series gives you the ability to have more control over your daily processes. This machine does more than pays for itself. It will help you integrate, streamline and free time for growing your business.

The WorkCentre 7800 series will help you save money by having more control over your machine. All models come with the ability to prevent unauthorized access with Xerox User permissions. Options like these give you the ability to control functions and keep costs under by using user permissions to limit certain processes.

Each model also comes with security management and tracking of all activity with audit log. You will have complete visibility and be able to tell if someone is medaling with your machine. You can track which department is overusing certain functions, like using too much color, or who seems to be wasting the most paper.

The WorkCentre 7800 series has a number of models to choose from to help you be sure that you are making the smart choice.

  • WorkCentre 7830 – 30 ppm – 40,000 page monthly duty cycle
  • WorkCentre 7835 – 35 ppm – 110,000 page monthly duty cycle
  • WorkCentre 7845 – 45 ppm – 200,000 page monthly duty cycle
  • WorkCentre 7855 – 50 ppm Color – 55 ppm monochrome – 300,000 page monthly duty cycle