Working with a Discontinued Copier

You may have an office copier that you love that works without issue. It’s your favorite copier you have every gotten for your office. However, you get a call from your copier leasing representative and they inform you that your copier has been discontinued. What does this mean for you, and what do you need to know about working with a discontinued copier?

A discontinued copier means that the company who makes your office machine, like Xerox or Ricoh, has stopped making your model of office copier. While you might not want to renew your same exact lease, it doesn’t have to be bad to work with a discontinued copier.

Your copier leasing representative may try and tell you that working with a discontinued copier will cause your stress later on. They may suggest that it’s going to be hard to get parts if you have a breakdown. However, there is something that they may not be telling you.

Every copier manufacturer must keep their parts available for at least 5 years after they discontinue their machines. This means that you should be able to get parts as long as you haven’t passed that 5-year limit.

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