Working with a Discontinued Copier

Imagine this: you have a copier that you love and have had no problems with when suddenly you get a call from your leasing company. They warn you that your copier has been discontinued and it’s a good idea to replace it with a newer model. Is this something you should be worried about, or are they just trying to get more money from you? It could be a little bit of both but we are here to help you understand what you need to know about workings with a discontinued copier.

A discontinued copier simply means that they are no longer producing that particular model of copier. This does not necessarily mean that you can no longer get parts for that specific model. There is actually a law that does not allow companies to do that to you.

By law, all copier manufacturers must keep their parts available for a discontinued copier for at least 5 years after they stop producing that model.

That means that you will still be able to work with your copier for up to 5 additional years after your copier has been discontinued. So, what does this mean for your copier?

All you need to do is reach out to your copier leasing company and ask when the model was discontinued. If the 5-year period will last you through the rest of your lease then you shouldn’t have an issue. However, if those 5 years end before your lease does then getting something new might actually be the best route.