Understanding Copier Warm-up Time

If you are looking through the specs of your new office copier then you may see something called warm-up time. This something that is often looked over by people who do not think that it’s important to think about. However, understanding copier warm-up time can be an important factor in getting the right copier for your business.

Copier warm-up time is the time that it takes for your machine to go from being completely off to being ready to produce its first print. This is going to usually be less than 40 seconds, depending on what kind of machine you use. Now, you may not think that 40 seconds is greatly going to impact your day, but it’s all about what kind of business you work in.

Copier warm-up time greatly affects those who do not use their office machines as frequently as others. These types of business typically have their machine turned off in between jobs. This means that the few jobs that you do do every day could be hindered because of a slow warm-up time. This can ruin the flow of your work and slow down your productivity.

Understanding copier warm-up time is crucial for those who demand efficiency. Getting something with great warm-up time can mean the difference between an successful afternoon or one filled with constant breaks.