Check out the Xerox YouTube Page

Have you been following the Xerox Support YouTube Page? If not, check out the page today for a selection of helpful and informative videos on a wide range of subjects.

Click the link below to check what you have been missing.

These helpful videos offer tips on a variety of subjects from cleaning and customizing your device to scanning configurations. They also give overviews of products for additional information on Xerox devices. These quick videos offer helpful information in just about 2 ½ minutes.

Still not sure if the Xerox YouTube Support Page is for you? Choose from one of our many videos to learn about new features or apps that you may not know are included on your machine. You can also find out more information about a new machine that you may be thinking about purchasing by viewing one of the product “tour” videos.

After viewing the videos, you are able to explore the devices on the product pages or support website for the individual models. The product pages will give you more information on specific information about the machine and the configurations and features available with a particular model.

The support pages will allow you to explore user manuals and find solutions for your device.

For more information about Xerox products, call us today at 216-785-2650!