Key Facts About Xerox Toners and Cartridges

Supplies like toners and cartridges are a crucial part of your printer or MFP. Hence, there are a few key facts you should know about them.

Consumable Yields and Toner Yield

You may or may not have heard that term before. So, what is the consumable yield? In simple terms, the yield of a black and white or color toner is the number of pages it can print before running out. Xerox calculates its yield based on the total volume of the cartridge and the ISO-standard coverage amount.

So, what is the coverage? 

Simply put, it’s the percentage of the paper that the ink has to cover. ISO standards require toner yield to be calculated at 5% coverage. To help you understand this better, think of 5% coverage as two paragraphs on a standard A4 size paper.

This is what the life of the toner depends upon. However, it’s important to understand that the consumable yield is only an estimate. It will change according to the density of the saturation of the ink on the paper and the size of your paper. But it does give you a good idea as to how long your toner or cartridge will last. 

Genuine Xerox Supplies

Since supplies are so crucial to the healthy functioning of a Xerox machine, it’s highly recommended you only buy genuine Xerox supplies. At Copier Cleveland you can purchase actual Xerox products that are sure to perform well in the long run. Additionally, you’re unlikely to run into hardware issues or printer damage when you lease genuine products. 


With Xerox products, no component goes to waste. Through its Green World Alliance, Xerox makes recycling easier by taking back old supplies used in copiers. Otherwise, they would end up in landfills and pollute the land.

You can request for a single item return, return 5-30 supplies, or return more than 30 supplies. And the best part is that Xerox will pay for all shipping and recycling costs.