Is Your Xerox 2022 Ready?

2022 is here, and it’s time to wrap up the previous year, full of various challenges. Workplaces have been continuously adapting to the ever-changing situations while staying productive.

To start off the new year and make sure that your workplace remains optimized, we present you with some important tips. These tips will ensure that your Xerox printers and MFPs stay ready for 2022. 

Installing your machine updates

Your Xerox machine comes with an automatic meter that reads and reports. However, older devices might get disrupted with the new updates coming out this year. Therefore, you need to take timely action to continue using these devices and services. 

There are important firmware upgrades for your WorkCentre 6515, Phaser 6510, VersaLink B Series, and VersaLink C Series. You can also check out the Xerox At Your Service Blog for more details associated with direct links to your firmware upgrades and other service packs that you might need for your printers and MFPs. 

Cleaning your machines

You can find instructions on cleaning your Xerox machines in the user manual and support page for your device. You need to clean inside and outside, particularly those rollers, and scan glass to avoid paper jams or image issues. 

Moreover, you have to follow guidelines for effectively cleaning your machines and maintaining a healthy environment in your office or home during this pandemic. 

Signing up for Xerox eConcierge

If the service is available for your printer or MFP, you can consider signing up for Xerox eConcierge. You can check if your device is compatible by visiting this link. This page will provide you with all the information you need for the details on the benefits of this service, such as free machine service. 

Staying connected with the remote services

Make sure that you keep your Xerox machines connected with the remote service. This service provides automatic meter readings, diagnostic support, and supplies replenishment. The service is designed to save your time and guarantee proper billing. 

Bookmarking support pages

Ensure that you bookmark Xerox Customer Support Community Forum Page and sign up for direct participation. It will allow you to ask questions and even answer the questions. 

Also, bookmark the At Your Service blog for interesting information and updates about various Xerox models. Buy or rent Xerox machines for your workplace today from Cleveland Copiers at affordable rates.