Managed Print

What is Managed Print?

A common buzzword you may have heard about here in Cleveland is Managed Print.  What is managed print?  Managed Print in its most basic formulation means a cost per print plan on your existing print fleet.  More advanced versions of managed print also exist where the managed print supplier will move devices around, bring in new equipment and ensure that your fleet costs are as low as possible.  All managed print programs will generally come with printer maintenance and toner/consumables.

So, why would you want this outsourced?  Isn’t buying toner and getting service calls a relatively easy thing to do?

Here are some reasons companies are moving to a managed print model:

  • With managed print, there is a single invoice per month, rather than having 15, 20, or 30 individual invoices to process.  This fact alone can save your company substantial labor loads.
  • You know exactly what every print costs from every printer
  • If toner underperforms, it becomes the suppliers problem, and not yours (same with defective toners)
  • Service is included, so no out of control printer repair bills
  • A good excuse to not have to deal with the 10 people a week calling in to try and sell you toner.

If you are interested in how a managed print plan can help your Cleveland company, give us a call to get a free quote!