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A or X Toner Sales in Cleveland

By Marketing Group / August 23, 2014 / Comments Off on A or X Toner Sales in Cleveland

Do You Understand the “A” and “X” of Cartridges? Do you know what type of cartridge you need in your organization in Cleveland? Well, two types exist that you need to be aware of: the lower capacity (“A” cartridge), and the high capacity (“X” cartridge). Here are the differences:Volume of Output The main difference is…

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Xerox’s New Copiers

By pjacob10 / April 25, 2014 / Comments Off on Xerox’s New Copiers

Few brands boast the same reputation and history that Xerox has. Even though they have been around for almost a hundred years, they have still been able to stay at the top of technological innovation. A great example of this is their latest line of light production copiers and printers.  The new series includes the…

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What Exactly do You Need?

By pjacob10 / April 14, 2014 / Comments Off on What Exactly do You Need?

It is important that you have a great idea about what precisely you need from a copier before you go ahead with making a decision about a copier. If your business mostly just needs to be able to make black and white copiers, then you don’t need to get a copier that has all of…

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Know What You Want

By pjacob10 / March 1, 2014 / Comments Off on Know What You Want

Before purchasing a copier it is imperative that you have a very good idea about what it is that you want your new copier to be able to do. Knowing this will enable you to get precisely what you need for your company to be able to succeed. A lot of this has to do…

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Xerox Copier Sales in Cleveland

By Marketing Group / December 11, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox Copier Sales in Cleveland

Cleveland Copier As a homebase for businesses and organizations ranging from NASA to Sherwin-Williams, Cleveland has a long and distinguished relationship with technology and corporate know-how. Its capacity for production makes it one of the most outstanding metropolises for business in the United States. As a business owner in Cleveland, it is important to know…

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Getting the Perfect Copier for Your Business

By Marketing Group / November 25, 2013 / Comments Off on Getting the Perfect Copier for Your Business

Cleveland Copier As an area known for its business-friendly atmosphere, Cleveland has for years stood as a major business hub, with private equity firms and companies and organizations such as NASA, Sherwin-Williams Company, and Jones Day making major contributions to the American economy. When running a business in Cleveland, it’s important to realize how essential…

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Xerox Phaser 3635 Copier

By Marketing Group / September 19, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox Phaser 3635 Copier

The XEROX 3635 packs a punch   The XEROX 3635 is a small printer that pack as punch. If you are an office that needs to do less than 10,000 copies a month, the 3635 may be the right printer/copier machine for you. With three trays, each with the capacity to hold one 500 sheets…

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Used Copiers

By Marketing Group / September 2, 2013 / Comments Off on Used Copiers

Buying a used copier is much like buying a used car, with the same kinds of fears and the same kinds of process.  When you are purchasing a used copier in Cleveland, there are some things to think about which will help you get the best deal and the best copier for your money. Know…

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Xerox Copiers in Cleveland

By Marketing Group / August 22, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox Copiers in Cleveland

Cleveland Business Should Look at What XEROX Can Do Companies in Cleveland, like in the rest of the world, are experiencing dramatic technological change. In a period of less than thirty years, offices have been re-arranged. The days of gigantic copiers, file cabinets, and mimeograph machines have long passed. Walk into any Cleveland office today…

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Choosing a Xerox Copier for Your Office

By Marketing Group / June 1, 2013 / Comments Off on Choosing a Xerox Copier for Your Office

For businesses in the Cleveland area that are looking for copier machines, there are many copier brands available such as Xerox and HP. In addition, many businesses in the local area have many choices available regarding a variety of copier machine capabilities that include stapling, two-sided copies, and color copies. Beyond copier capabilities and a…

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