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Cleveland New Copier Sales

By Marketing Group / August 10, 2014 / Comments Off on Cleveland New Copier Sales

Purchasing a new copier in Cleveland will cost some money, but you can save a little if you know about demo units. Contrary to popular belief, those aren’t just the copiers out on the floor. Actually, most copier companies in Cleveland have a designated amount of demos annually. If you don’t ask about this money-saver,…

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What Exactly do You Need?

By pjacob10 / April 14, 2014 / Comments Off on What Exactly do You Need?

It is important that you have a great idea about what precisely you need from a copier before you go ahead with making a decision about a copier. If your business mostly just needs to be able to make black and white copiers, then you don’t need to get a copier that has all of…

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Know What You Want

By pjacob10 / March 1, 2014 / Comments Off on Know What You Want

Before purchasing a copier it is imperative that you have a very good idea about what it is that you want your new copier to be able to do. Knowing this will enable you to get precisely what you need for your company to be able to succeed. A lot of this has to do…

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Choosing a Xerox Copier for Your Office

By Marketing Group / June 1, 2013 / Comments Off on Choosing a Xerox Copier for Your Office

For businesses in the Cleveland area that are looking for copier machines, there are many copier brands available such as Xerox and HP. In addition, many businesses in the local area have many choices available regarding a variety of copier machine capabilities that include stapling, two-sided copies, and color copies. Beyond copier capabilities and a…

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Data Security for Cleveland Companies

By Marketing Group / May 19, 2013 / Comments Off on Data Security for Cleveland Companies

Does your copier have a hard drive? How do you know your information is safe when you send it back to the leasing company? Your copier can hold data such as : • Employee Information • Doctor/Patient Information • Clients Information • Social Security Numbers • Driver’s License Numbers This information can all be stored…

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Colorqube Copiers for Sale

By Marketing Group / October 9, 2012 / Comments Off on Colorqube Copiers for Sale

Buying a Colorqube Copier? Are you looking for a Colorqube copier?  Have you been visited by reps who push Xerox, or maybe you read about the advantages online somewhere…  Xerox has a great product with their Colorqube line. First of all, there is the 3 billing groups.  There is a black and white (spot color),…

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Is Sharp Possibly Facing Financial Troubles??

By Marketing Group / August 24, 2012 / Comments Off on Is Sharp Possibly Facing Financial Troubles??

Sharp Allegedly Considering Selling off Copier and Air Conditioning Divisions We have heard through the grapevine and some news agencies that Sharp may be considering selling off their AC and Copier divisions.  There are a lot of Cleveland area dealers who specialize in the Sharp line of copiers and this will come as a big…

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Copier Purchasing Basics

By Marketing Group / August 4, 2012 / Comments Off on Copier Purchasing Basics

Are you new to buying copiers in Cleveland? If you have never bought a copier before then it can be a big task. There’s a lot of information even for those who have experience doing it. Many times first time buyers spend a lot of time running in circles and then don’t end up with…

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